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February 28, 2017 - Comments Off on Are you still searching ?

UPDATE: Learn how to make a delicious gelato and sorbet!

With all my machinery having been sold previously I am now offering a consulting service for those interested to learn how to make the best gelato and sorbet and run a pleasurable business selling it – retail or wholesale. To all those curious and enquiring still about various things, it is of course understandable that you have to make an informed decision about your future, especially if you are investing in a business venture. Feel free to ask any questions, use the contact form here to send me an email or call my mobile number which is 0427 63 64 66. I have decided to advertise for potential partners that are ready to explore an opportunity of owning the best type of business – the timing is not a coincidence, because you would need 2 to 3 months of run-up time to order machinery and setup the store. Above all – remember that No other artisan ice cream maker would give you a chance to learn the secrets of this trade! The only opportunity with a comparable product that I know about in Australia is a franchise available from a store located in Rye on Mornington peninsula and their price is prohibitively high, and it does not even guarantee you to learn everything – possibly you would end up just buying ingredients like many other gelato franchises in Australia and around the world do… So why am I doing it? I only live once, and I am also a qualified teacher (my previous full time job was teaching until end of last year due to restructure of the Department) – so I know how to best deliver the lessons in ice cream making to you! So – if you’re interested please read on:

Do you want to own an ultimate business – one which would be profitable as well as enjoyable to keep you happy?


  • Run your business with minimum costs and maximum profit margin: discover how you can make money out of thin air – yet make a product so great it will win you awards…
  • Forget the feeling of not wanting to go to work: Business which brings pleasure and joy to your customers will transform your attitude, and you will be rushing to open your doors every morning…
  • Be innovative and creative every day: discover your own passion for food – yes, it is a food business, but one that gives you the freedom to create your very own new flavours – just read how…

But you might say – there is no such thing as a small business that is enjoyable and without hard work. You need to be on your feet 7 days a week, look after your store, manage difficult customers, hire staff and keep them motivated… Yes, it might be so, and no business is without work and challenges, but with the formula for success you receive from us there will be many options that you can use to create a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Unlike many others that you’d see around you struggling with decisions to keep their businesses afloat you will have several ways to reach for easy profits and improve your cashflow on the fly. And did I mention unlike most you will take advantage of a nice holiday every year? It is nice to have that choice to take a holiday and let someone else run the business for a period of time, or keep working to save up more for that red Ferrari if you wish.

The business I am talking about is what many people dream of. Just think about a product that most people simply LOVE, it is of superior quality to the mass produced competition, yet it is often cheaper and more affordable. Yes, even when at times large supermarkets undercut your prices, you can still make it cheaper than them, but why do it -you should not compete on price! Why should you? You do not need to sell cheaply today when you know tomorrow there will be another day when more customers come in and ask for the same product and pay same prices you had the day before? You can have specials, promotions, reward customer loyalty – in fact it is the best way to give money back to your customers, but you do not need to lower prices.

“Finally,” you might say, “tell me what it is!” Well, unless you have not guessed it yet, I am talking about

Fresh handmade gelato

Well, there it is now, it is fresh handmade ice cream – or gelato (I will explain the difference later), and unless you have lived on the North Pole all your life you surely would have had a scoop of the cool stuff yourself. Actually, in Australia it is more likely that you have had a lot of it every summer. Australians rank third in the world in eating frozen desserts – the number one spot is occupied by the United States, followed by New Zealand.

Profit MarginsThe chart on the right shows my profit margin estimates – for gelato and sorbet it shows the minimum to maximum cost/sale scenarios. Preparing our product from scratch means that our cost is minimal. I would challenge anyone to compare our cost with theirs and still produce a top quality product.

Our low cost means that we do not cut corners, but put emphasis on quality and freshness of all ingredients! Still, as with all best case/worst case scenarios the truth is somewhere in the middle, and you have to make your own estimates once you have a closer look at all my figures. So if you are ready to be surprised read on to find out why this is the best business on offer. Read MORE>